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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Passenger and Crew Lists for U.S. Bound Vessels Arriving in Canada has added a new database to their site over the weekend - Passenger and Crew Lists for U.S. Bound Vessels Arriving in Canada 1912-1939 and 1953-1962.

These are people who disembarked at Montreal, Quebec; Saint John, New Brunswick; Halifax, Nova Scotia; Vancouver, British Columbia; Victoria, British Columbia; Toronto, Ontario either by boat or by plane.

They say that ‘This collection contains forms, or passenger lists, submitted to the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) by airline captains and shipmasters. These passenger lists and crew manifests provide information regarding vessels and passengers arriving in various Canadian ports from 1912-1939 and 1953-1962’.

You can expect to find some or all of the information, such as -

  • Full name of passenger
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Marital status
  • Occupation
  • Citizenship (nationality)
  • Place of residence
  • Final destination
  • Birth date
  • Birth place
  • Port of arrival
  • Date of arrival
  • Port of embarkation
  • Ship name
  • Shipping line

The database is at


Need help in finding your Canadian ancestors?

As a nod of the hat to the Ontario Genealogical Conference being held in Barrie, Ontario from May 29 to May 31, may we take this opportunity to offer a month-long discount on our research and consultation services of 15% (ends 11 June at midnight).

Just go to Elizabeth Lapointe Research Services at, or send an email with the subject "special" to to see how I can help you find that elusive Canadian ancestor!
Research Tip! Canada is known as an immigrant nation. To research the immigrants who cane here, a good book on the subject is Destination Canada: A Genealogical Guide to Immigration Records by Dave Obee.

Check the Canadian Week in Review every Monday morning for the latest in Genealogy, Heritage, and History news in Canada.

If you missed this week’s edition, it is at
It’s the ONLY news blog of its kind in Canada.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Extra news items

Here are some news items which have come across the desk this week -

The Weekly Genealogists Vol 18 No 17 #Whole 737 29 April 2015 had their weekly survey once again, and this time they asked about our orphan ancestors.

Of the 4,024 who answered, 58% said they were not aware of any of their ancestors having been an orphan, and 10% said they were aware of one or more of their grandparents was an orphan, and another 10% said that they were aware of one or more of their great-grandparents was an orphan.

I do not have anyone in my family, either on my maternal or paternal side who was an orphaned.

How about you?

The Ontario Genealogical Society has officially launched their Twitter service at @OGSBarrie2015, and it looks like they are getting a good response.

The website is at

The Department of Canadian Heritage is providing $2,300 to the Emancipation Festival through the Building Communities.

This will help support the 153rd edition of their annual summer event in Owen Sound, Ontario. This year's activities take place from July 31 to August 27 and include an artist and artisan show, speakers' forum and musical performances.

The Emancipation Festival has been holding an annual Black History celebration and commemoration event in Owen Sound since 1862. The village of Sydenham near Owen Sound was the most northerly terminus of the Underground Railway from the United States.

Read more about the Emancipation Festival at

Lastly, the latest news from the Genealogical Association of Nova Scotia is that they have a 3-month trial offering from Find My Past so that you can access through WIFI at the GANS office. This is a great database for finding those NS ancestors with origins in the UK. A reminder that they also have American Ancestors at the office. The research room is open Thursday from noon to 4 pm. Come access these great resources or check out the traditional library resources.

The website is

Check the Canadian Week in Review every Monday morning for the latest in Genealogy, Heritage, and History news in Canada.

If you missed this week’s edition, it is at

  It’s the ONLY news blog of its kind in Canada!

It has been a regular post every Monday morning since April 23, 2012


Saturday, September 28, 2013

The Niagara Peninsula OGS Branch announces new publication

The Niagara Peninsula OGS Branch is starting to take orders of their new book - More Than A Mere Matter Of Marching on October the 1st.

This will be a limited-edition book to commemorate the bicentennial of the War of 1812.

The press release says that “When Thomas Jefferson made his infamous prediction that "the acquisition of Canada this year... will be a mere matter of marching," he underestimated the courage and determination of the men and women of Upper Canada, including their First Nations allies.

Our book, More Than A Mere Matter of Marching contains the fascinating stories of over 60 families whose experiences during the War of 1812 may never have been in print before. The book is 323 pages, contains both colour and black-and-white images, and an index of over 1700 names.

PRE-PUBLICATION PRICE (available Oct. 1 - Oct. 31, 2013): $25.00 shipping and handling
PUBLICATION PRICE: $30.00 shipping and handling”.

For further information, please visit the Niagara Peninsula OGS Branch website: Just click on to the button which says War of 1812.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

RootsTech 2013 – Live Streaming Day 3

March the 23rd will be the last day of Live Streaming of the RootsTech 2013 Conference.

It is reported that there are 6,800+ people who have registered for the conference- which starts today! And that doesn’t count ‘walk ins’. So it should be a well attended conference.

Here is the schedule for Saturday –


10:30 AM Eastern  Keynote - David Pogue and Gilad Japhet

11:45 AM Eastern Using Technology to Solve Research Problems - Karen Clifford

1:00 AM Eastern Digital Storytelling: More than Bullet Points - Denise Olson

Join the conversation at #RootsTech

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Saturday, March 16, 2013

RootsTech 2013

RootsTech 2013 is almost upon us, and I am getting ready to live stream the 13 talks that the speakers will give at this year conference.

FamilySearch has a blog today in which Paul M. Nauta, marketing manager for FamilySearch says  “RootsTech has something for everyone, whether an avid genealogist or someone just getting started and interested in telling and sharing personal and family stories or simply to discover the latest technologies and solutions to better connect the family,” said Paul M. Nauta, marketing manager for FamilySearch, the Church’s organization providing service to family history enthusiasts worldwide regardless of religious persuasion”.

Among the Canadian blogger that will be there, are –

John D. Reid

Deborah Large Fox
Help! The Faerie Folk Hid My Ancestors!

M. Diane Rogers
CanadaGenealogy, or, Jane’s Your Aunt

Lorine McGinnis Schulze
The Olive Tree Genealogy

Attendance is expected to exceed last year’s event, which attracted more than 4,000 registrants and was seen by more than 50,000 viewers of live streaming sessions. They expect 5,000+ to attend this year’s conference!

To see the website, go to

Monday, January 21, 2013 Update: Canada and United States Border Crossings has updated its border crossing records from Canada to U.S., and the records are from 1895 to 1954.

There are records from Idaho, Maine, Minnesota, Montana, New York, North Dakota, Vermont, and Washington

Some of the records contain the information on the name, age, birth date, birthplace, gender, ethnicity/nationality, names of individuals accompanied by, name of nearest relative or friend in former country, and name of nearest relative or friend at destination.

So far, there are 4,859, 493 border crossing records etween Canada and the United States so far on

© Elizabeth Lapointe All Rights Reserved

Sunday, November 25, 2012

FREE Shipping On My Booklets Until Nov 29th!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

RootsTech 2013 Registration is Live with $149 Early-bird Pricing

I won’t be able to go to the confernce this year, but if you are going to RootsTech , it promises to be a great conference.

Registration is now live for the 3rd annual RootsTech conference on March 21-23, 2013 in Salt Lake City, UT. With several thousand attendees each of the first two years, the 2013 conference is shaping up to be the biggest and best yet!

RootsTech, hosted by FamilySearch, offers an opportunity unlike any other to discover the lastest family history tools and techniques, connect with experts to help you in your research, and be inspired in the pursuit of your ancestors. You will learn to use the latest technology to get started or accelerate your efforts to find, organize, preserve, and share your family's connections and history.

New in 2013! A full track of Getting Started classes and labs will help those new to family history learn where to start, how to build their family tree, and how to use technology to explore their connections. Learn more.

Register NOW and Save $70 with Early-bird Pricing!

Registration Options

Full 3-Day Pass

Access to everything RootsTech has to offer (250+ classes).

$219 $149 (Early-bird Pricing)

One-day Pass

Full admission for just one day. $89

Student 3-Day Pass

Student ID required. $39

NEW! Getting Started 3-Day Pass

Beginner track with access to over 30 classes. $49 $39 (Early-bird Pricing)

Getting Started One-Day Pass

A selection of fundamental classes to help get you started. $19

Developer Day Pass (March 22)

A full-day technology program just for developers. $89

They has something for everyone, whether you are an avid genealogist, just getting started, or simply want to discover the latest technologies and solutions to better connect with your family.

To get further information, youcan go to

The British Isles Family History of Greater Ottawa (BIFHSGO) had its own technology expert at the conference earlier this month, and it was Tony Bandy who gave a workshop on “Tables, Netbooks, e-Readers and Apps for Genealogies”, and talks on “Dropbox, Evernote and Online Digital Notes”, and “Online Books: Are These Really Good Resources? “ which were well attended.

You may listen to an interview with John D. Reid of BIFHSGO and Tony at

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

OGS Conference 2012 - Update

This year's OGS Conference — entitled Borders & Bridges: 1812-2012, and to be held in Kingston, Ontario from June 1-3 — celebrates the War of 1812, fought between Britain, Canada, and the United States.

The conference website,, offers info on accommodations, registration, the program, and Kingston-area research facilities.

On the "Program" page, check out the speakers - their bios, and which lectures they are giving at the conference.

On the "Conference News" page are podcasts featuring interviews with the speakers, and the latest news on Conference events and happenings.

There is still time to register, so if you have been thinking about going but haven't decided as yet, take a moment to read about all the goings-on planned for Conference, and make your decision to join us. You won't be disappointed!

My booklet, Canada and the United States: War of 1812, will be on sale at the Marketplace. Divided into Canada and United States resources, it is full of quick facts, lists of battles fought, timelines, links to informative websites, and includes a guide of must-have books and suggested readings for both sides of the War. Available from vendors Rick and Sandra Roberts of Global Genealogy, and Louise St. Denis of the National Institute for Genealogical Studies, drop in and see for yourself why this booklet should be in every researcher's toolkit.

If the War of 1812 is too specific for your family research, try my booklet on Canada/US migration, Migration: Canada and the United States, also available from Global and NIGS. And if you can't wait until Conference to buy a copy of these booklets, visit them online. Booklets are also available from our American vendor, Leland Meitzler of Family Roots Publishing Company.
See you at Conference 2012!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Dave Obee Gives Two Talks

His first talk, entitled “Destination Canada”, will be given on Saturday, March 24th from 12:30 to 2:00 p.m. at the West Vancouver Memorial Library.

More than seven million people arrived in Canada from Europe, the United States, and Asia between 1815 and 1930.

This talk discusses the wide variety of sources that deal with immigration to Canada, including ship passenger lists (available from 1865 through 1935), border-crossing records, and naturalization and citizenship documents.

The second talk, “Writing Your Family History”, will be held from 2:30 to 4:00 p.m. in the Welsh Hall, and touch upon the reason for writing a family history, and how a well-written story will make other family members more interested in the research that you are doing. He will also discuss ideas that will help you get over writer's block.

For more information, visit the West Vancouver Memorial Library at, or write

Friday, January 13, 2012

Booklet #2 – Migration: Canada and the United States

To continue from yesterday's post on my newly-published booklets, the second one in the "Canadian Series" has been published.

"Migration: Canada and the United States" discusses the exchange of people who have crossed the borders even before the borders were set, as they are today.

The first two pages of the booklet concentrate on Canadians who went to the States. Headings include - The Acadian Migration; Migration to the "Boston States"; French Canadian Migration; Migration to the Midwestern and Southwestern States; and Migration from Canada to the United States Due to War.

The second part of the booklet is about the migration of Americans to Canada. Headings include - New England Planters to Nova Scotia; The United Empire Loyalists; The United States Migration to Central Canada; The United States Migration to Central Canada; The US Migration to the Prairie Provinces & the Yukon; Migration from the US to Canada as a Result of Wars; and Migration of Blacks from the US to Canada.

These headings offer good examples of those who came to Canada, or of Canadians who left for the US, and why.

The booklet gives a synopsis of what records to look for, the books written on the subject, where to find online resources, and a bonus list of some famous Canadians who migrated to the US.

Both the Migration and the War of 1812 booklets can be purchased from Global Genealogy and the National Institute for Genealogical Studies

The next booklet to come "off the presses" will be about Ontario's genealogical societies and groups, including some lesser-known "hidden gems", all of which may have the resources you need to help flesh out the Ontario branch of your family tree.

For more on our first booklet, "The War of 1812: Canada and the United States", go to

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Booklet #1 - The War of 1812: Canada and the United States

If you've wondered why you haven't seen me around much the past few months, I've been busy writing laminated 4-page research guides on topics of interest to genealogists tracing their Canadian roots.

Why did I write booklets instead of a book? It's because I wanted to present the information clearly in a compact format that you could take on research trips without having to worry about adding yet another bulky book to your (probably) overstuffed tote bag.

The guides provide a basic understanding of the subject, as well as listings of relevant books and online information. In short, it's a primer that covers sources from Canada, the United States, and the UK.

For example, the booklet, “The War of 1812: Canada and the United States”, gives a synopsis of the causes of the War, and details the battles that took place (who, where, and when), and which included British forces, Blacks, and Aboriginal warriors who fought on both sides of the conflict.

For a list of the contents, please visit the following blog and websites -

The booklets were mentioned on John D. Reid's Anglo-Celtic Connections blog yesterday (Jan 10th), and I thank him for the review.

The booklets are available for sale through Global Genealogy's website,, and are listed on their Facebook page,, and in their free online newsletter, You can also write them at, or call them toll-free at 1-800-361-5168.

They are also available at the National Institute for Genealogical Studies website at, by email at, or call the Institute toll-free at 1-800-580-0165.

I am happy to say that the booklets are selling briskly!

Tomorrow Post: Booklet #2 – Migration: Canada and the United States