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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Dear Myrt’s Beginning Genealogy - Sessions 12

As I promised my blog on 06 January 2014 at, I watched Dear Myrt’s Beginning Genealogy Session 12 yesterday. I will continue to watch the rest of the study group as it proceeds.

The major topic discussed yesterday was how reliable is secondary information given by an informant at the time of death, or on a tombstone?

“Not very” was the answer, and I totally agree.

There could be many reasons why the years of age, misspelled names, the date of death etc could be incorrectly recorded on the death certificate and/or the gravestone. It can be the perfect spot for misinformation to be recoded given the circumstances of the time.

Once again, we have to be careful. We have to fully check the facts, and have more than one source to verify the date of death and burial, for instance.

Some information can be had at -

The American Cemetery Records Wiki is found at FamilySearch at

The American Funeral Homes Wiki is found at FamilySearch at

The Canadian Cemetery Records Wiki is found at FamilySearch at

The Canadian Obituries Wiki is found at FamilySearch at

The website for Session 12 is at

Session 1 -

Session 2 -

Session 3 -

Session 4 -

Session 5 - 

Session 6 & 7 -

Sessioin 8 -

Session 9 -

Session 10 -

Session 11 -

Remember to make yourself a member of Dear Myrt’s Genealogy Community before watching the YouTube Google+ Hangout on Air at

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Update: Canadian GenWeb Cemeteries

The updates to Ontario cemeteries are out by the people from Canada GenWeb, and they are –

Brant County

- Farringdon Cemetery
- Harrisburg United Church Cemetery
- Mount Hope Cemetery

Bruce County

- Invermay Methodist / Aarold Methodist / Old Methodist Cemetery
- Langside Mennonite Cemetery
- Salem Evangelical United Brethren Cemetery
- South Kinloss Cemetery

Dundas County

- Dixons Corners South / Wesleyan Methodist 1825 Cemetery
- Spruce Haven Cemetery

Elgin County

- Trinity Anglican Cemetery

Essex County

- Fairbairn Union Cemetery
- St Francis Xavier Cemetery

Grey County

- Greenwood Cemetery

Halton County

- Ashgrove United Church / Mount Pleasant Canadian Wesleyan Methodist New Connexion Cemetery
- Churchill Cemetery
- Merton Mount Pleasant Cemetery

Hastings County

- Sine's Burying Ground

Huron County
- Hope Church Cemetery

Kent County
- St Philippe RC Cemetery

Lambton County

- Beechwood Cemetery
- Blackwell United Church Cemetery
- Lakeview Cemetery
- St James Cemetery
- St John's Roman Catholic Cemetery
- Watford Cemetery
- Wilkesport Cemetery
- Wyoming Cemetery

Lincoln County

- Boyd / Turney / Christie Cemetery
- Grace United Church Cemetery
- McCombs Family Cemetery
- Nicholas Smith Family Cemetery
- St Anne's Church Cemetery
- The May Family Burying Ground
- Victoria Lawn / St Catharines Cemetery

Norfolk County

- Newkirk Cemetery

Perth County

- Hampstead Cemetery
- North Easthope Presbyterian Cemetery
- St Joseph's Cemetery

Peterborough County
-Update: Canadian GenWeb Cemeteries

Russell County
- Update: Canadian GenWeb Cemeteries

Waterloo County

- Mount Hope Cemetery
-Update: Canadian GenWeb Cemeteries

Wellington County

- Greenfield Cemetery
- Hillsburgh Pioneer / God's Acre Cemetery
- Zion United Church Cemetery

Wentworth County

- Binkley Private Cemetery
- Henry Brinkley Cemetery
- Woodland Cemetery

We must say ‘Thank You’ to all of the people who work on the cemetery updates and take photos of the headstones.

To go to the website, please go to

Postscript: To enter the Canada Day Contest, go to

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Solving Cemetery Problems

Saturday at 1 pm on 19 October 2013, the Quinte OGS Branch will present
Solving Cemetery Problems by Diane Clendenan & Marjorie Stuart.

These two lovely ladies have devoted their lives to cemeteries. They have co-authored a book Solving Cemetery Problems: How to deal with Vandalism, Abandoned Cemeteries, Registration and Heritage Designation.

They have also co-chaired the joint OGS and OHS Cemetery Preservation Committee, and in particular, the Cemetery Registration Project.

Together they bring a wealth of genealogical experience and expertise, relating to a variety of research areas, especially on the topic of cemeteries.

This event will be one you don't want to miss!

The Quinte OGS Branch will meet at the Quinte West City Hall Library, 7 Creswell Drive, Trenton, Ontario.

The website is at puts on Canada GenWeb Cemetery Index

Canada GenWeb has been collecting their cemetery data since 2004, and it is on

Now, has taken this data and has put the index only on

But to learn about the records, go to the Canada GenWeb site.

The web site says that “It is a volunteer project of CanadaGenWeb and currently offers a free and searchable listing of over 18,000 known Canadian cemeteries.

This volunteer built database offers a variety of information geared towards genealogists:

♦ Names, locations & histories of cemeteries

♦ Links to repositories & genealogy organizations that offer further information and/or assistance

♦ Lookup offers, transcripts, indexes, and photos compiled by volunteers.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

UPDATE: Canada GenWeb Updates Cemeteries

The following cemeteries have been updated in Alberta, Manitoba, and Prince Edward Island -


- Kinsella God's Acre Cemetery

- Westlawn Memorial Gardens & Edmonton Crematorium

Smoky Lake:
- Victoria Park Cemetery


Armstrong RM:
- Immaculate Heart of Mary Roman Catholic Cemetery

Emerson Town:
- Emerson Cemetery

Franklin RM:
- Friedensthal Lutheran Cemetery
- Ridgeville / South Ridge Cemetery

Rhineland RM:
- Rosenfeld Village & District Community Cemetery


Queen's County:
- North Wiltshire United Cemetery

All on the cemeteries on Canada GenWeb have been indexed and photographed by volunteers.

Pass along your thanks to Patricia Green & Marilyn Whiting for their help indexing. And to Olga Steinke, Cheyenne Kepke, Patricia Green, Marilyn Whiting, Jim Spence, and Elizabeth Warwick for their photographs.

Friday, April 26, 2013

UPDATE: CanadaGenWeb - Yukon Cemeteries

The following updates have been put online –

Dawson City

Bet Chaim Jewish Cemetery

St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery

Hillside Cemetery (Old Public)

Hillside Cemetery (New Public)


Grey Mountain Cemetery

Our thanks go to Rod Carty for his volunteer work on the Yukon cemeteries, and for his work at "Find A Grave"!

You can go

Thursday, April 18, 2013

GENWEB UPDATE: Alberta, Quebec, and Ontario Cemeteries

The Canadian GenWeb has issued an update to the Alberta, Quebec, and Ontario cemeteries as follows -



-  Bentley Cemetery


Huntingdon County:

- Tallen Family Burial Ground


Brant County:

- Farringdon Cemetery

- Mount Hope Cemetery

Bruce County:

- Douglas Hill Cemetery

- Queen Hill Cemetery

Elgin County:

- St Thomas Cemetery

Essex County:

- Victoria Memorial Gardens

Grey County:

- Cookes Presbyterian / Orange Valley Presbyterian / Old Presbyterian Cemetery

- Mennonite Brethren In Christ Cemetery

Lambton County:

- Hillsdale Cemetery

- Point Edward Veterans Memorial Park

Manitoulin District:

- Michael Bay Cemetery

Norfolk County:

- Barton Family Cemetery

- Bethel Brethern in Christ / Tunkard Cemetery

Peel County:

- Brampton Pioneer / Harrison-Hewgill Pioneer Cemetery

- Cheyne Cemetery

Simcoe County:

- St Mary's Catholic Cemetery

Wellington County:

- Abandoned / Old Anglican Cemetery

The Canada GenWeb have given it thanks to Alison Mitchell-Reid, Anne Chamberlain, Bonnie Lee Breadner, Brenda Marchese, Giselle Loder, Jim Anderson, Joanne Krywko, Kate Ford, Marilyn Whiting, Nancy Ross-Hill, Sharon Mattiuz, Tom Thompson, and William Cooke for help indexing, and to Alison Mitchell-Reid, Anne Chamberlain, Bonnie Lee Breadner, Carolyn Bechtel, Doug Tracey, Joanne Krywko, Kate Ford, Linda Doran, Marilyn Mallet, Nancy Ross-Hill, Penny Gallagher, Pete Carell, Sharon Mattiuz, Thomas Rowe, and William Cooke for photos of the cemeteries.

To view the site, go to

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Ontario GenWeb UPDATE: Cemeteries

The following cemeteries have been updated on March 16, 2013 -

Brant County

- Farringdon Cemetery

- Harley Cemetery

- Mount Hope Cemetery

- St Abner's / Landon / Dickie's Corners Cemetery

Elgin County:

- St Thomas Cemetery

Essex County:

- St Mary's Roman Catholic Cemetery

Hastings County

- Mount Pleasant United Church Cemetery

Huron County

- Dungannon Cemetery Company

- Greenhill Cemetery

Leeds County

- Abandoned (Quaker) Cemetery

- Blanchard Cemetery

- Fulford Cemetery

- Greenbush / Smith's Cemetery

- Hanton Cemetery

- Holmes Cemetery

- Horton Cemetery

- Jelly Farm Cemetery

- Johns(t)on Cemetery

- Kincaid's Corners / Wiltse Pioneer Cemetery

Lincoln County

- St Anne's Church Cemetery

Middlesex County

- Strathroy Cemetery

- Woodland Cemetery

Northumberland County

- Centre Cemetery

- English Line / Tabernacle United Cemetery

Simcoe County

- Rich Hill United Church Cemetery

York County

- Hartman Cemetery

Anne Chamberlain, Deb Belcher, Alison Mitchell-Reid, Jim Anderson, Lorna Eggert, Marilyn Whiting, Sharon Mattiuz, and Tom Thompson shpuld be thanked for the indexing, and thanks should be given to Anne Chamberlain, Nancy Ross-Hill & Kevin Ross, Georgia Kovalik, Brian Smith, Joanne Bushell, Norma Falconer, W. Blanchard, Carol Ann Best, Dorcas Aunger, Sharon Burkhard, Sharon Mattiuz, John De Lange, Art Currie, and Ken Stephenson for photos of the cementeries.

Go to

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

UPDATE: New Brunswick GenWeb

New Brunswick GenWeb has put on 55 cemeteries and has another 16 cemeteries updates - mostly in Albert County.

Thanks to Helena Lewis for doing this update!

You can go to New Brunswick Cemeteries at

Sunday, February 24, 2013

UPDATE: Alberta, Manitoba & Saskatchewan Cemeteries

GenWeb Canada has put on the following updates –



- St Anne Roman Catholic Cemetery


- Bismark Lutheran Cemetery


Brokenhead RM:

- St Mary's Roman Catholic Cemetery

Lansdowne RM:

- Arden Cemetery

Westbourne RM:

- Gladstone Cemetery

Winnipeg City:

- Chapel Lawn Memorial Gardens


Birch Hills RM:

- Holy Trinity Cemetery

Corman Park RM:

- First Saskatchewan Cemetery

- Kirilowka Cemetery

- Memorial Cemetery

Insinger RM:

- Theodore Cemetery

Torch River RM:

- Corner Lake Cemetery

To go to the above cemeteries, click on to

GenWeg Canada recognizes the following people, who do this work for free. They are Flora Stewart, Patricia Green and Julia Adamson for their help indexing. Flora Stewart, George Fedyck, Gloria MacDonald, Gordon Neish, Linda Doran, Patricia Green, Roy Hermanson, and Wayne Sys for photos.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Further Update: More Ontario Unregistered Cemeteries sent to Registrar

A couple of weeks ago, I posted about the OGS registration of unregistered cemeteries across the province, and the committee has an update.

This week the committee sent to the registrar the lists of unregistered cemeteries for the counties of Cochrane, Dundas and Durham so that they can be registered and protected.

To read my original post, go to

© Elizabeth Lapointe All Rights Reserved

Friday, November 30, 2012

Update on Ontario Cemeteries Act Petitions

We have not received an update on the what happened to the Cemeteries Act Petitions in May 2011 when the Ontario Legislature was prorogued.

But we are told today that The Ontario Genealogical Society (OGS), and The Ontario Historical Society (OHS) received a life line from Jim Brownell, then retiring Member of Provincial Parliament for Stormont, Dundas and South Glengarry. He arranged for the committee to meet John Gerretsen, then Minister of Business Services – the ministry in charge of cemeteries registration.

A list of more than 1500 unregistered cemeteries across the province was presented to Mr. Gerretsen and the committee had a first hand opportunity to tell the minister about the lack of protection and high risk of removal for unregistered cemeteries.

The joint OGS and OHS Cemetery Registration Committee has been resuscitated and, with assistance from many hardworking branch cemeteries committees, is working to compile the necessary information and send it to the Registrar.

To date the data for four counties – Algoma, Brant, Bruce and Carleton – have been forwarded to the Registrar of Cemeteries. Any new information for these counties will be also forwarded as it is discovered.

The committee asks anyone with cemetery information, particularly little known or abandoned cemeteries to contact them.

You can go to and read about Bill 126, Inactive Cemeteries Protection Act, 2010.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Stewiacke Valley Museum present Genealogy Day

 If you are interested in genealogy or family history of Stewiacke Valley, Nova Scotia, you should plan to attend the Genealogy Day on July 28th.

Local family researchers will be present to talk and share their
information, and their methods of research and documenting their family

Trips to local cemeteries will be arranged for those who request them.

Please notify us in advance (if possible) which cemetery you wish to visit.

Starter kits will be available for those wanting to begin their research

The resources of the Museum, including nearly 2000 photographs, community history books,Genealogies, Obituaries, Scrapbooks, School Registers,
Diaries, house histories and much more will be available to help with your research.

Photocopies available at a nominal charge.

Genealogy Day will be held on Saturday, July 28 from 10a.m. to 4:30 p.m. at the Stewiacke Valley Museum, 5445 Highway 289 in Upper Stewiacke

Light refreshments available

For more information, call Judy at 671-2929